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Maya Oppenländer


This is Maya’s short bio:

– more than 25 years of experience with the Psychosomatic Approach according to Rüdiger Dahlke, Thorwald Dethlefson, Louise Hay and Walther Lechler

– 1991-2004 regular group according to David Bohm “Dialogue” and Scott Peck “Community building”

– 1992-1998 studies of sociology and literature at the University of Konstanz, Germany

– 1997/98 studies of Spanish Literature at the University of Granada, Spain

– workshops, groups and presentations on relationship, sex and gender by Barry Long, Diana Richardson, Marianne Williamson and others

– over 15 years of work in her family and two „Active Schools“ in Germany, following the „non-directive“ principles of Rebeca and Mauricio Wild, which root in the biological law that life always develops from inside out

– 2003-2005 further education in „New Work – New Culture“ by Frithjoff Bergmann, Lienhard Valentin and Katharina Martin with a specific focus on teenage needs

– over 20 years of yoga and meditation practices

– Sahaj Yoga since 2007

– since 2015 she works with a unique merge based on the essence of her experiences: aminya – follow your source (holistic coaching and mediation for individuals, couples and families

– currently in advanced training of „Therapy and Enneagram“ by Eli Jaxon-Bear

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