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Mayatiita Devi – Healer, Therapist


About Mayatiita – a gifted autodidact healer with clairsentience from Rio de Janeiro

Mayatiita grew up with her father being an Umbanda medium, an Afro-Brazilian tradition that works with the incorporation of Beings of Light and the Spirits of Nature. Therefore, dealing with the energy world that is invisible for the eye was natural for her.

Since she started her studies as a massage therapist in 2003, her work is focused on healing. In 2005 she received a first Reiki attunement with The Brasilian Master Cinira Pallota from The Brasilian Reiki association.

The will to understand more about her true self led her to the practice of yoga and meditation. In a self-taught process she found the “path back home” within meditation.

Her first teacher was Yogananda – after reading his book “ Autobiography of a Yogi” in 2005, she started to follow the lessons and did her initiation in Krya yoga. The teachings of Guruji opened her heart to discover the Divine Energy that exists in everything.

In 2008 she opened a meditation centre in Porto, Portugal where they gathered to study the lessons from Yogananda. That year, when Mayatiita received her second Reiki attunement, a great channel was opened in her and her journey into the energy realm had truly begun. – Her existence started to have another meaning and the cleaning and releasing process started within: “On each day more pain and more of what I was not was embraced and released and a great understanding of my own process allowed me to understand the people who were coming to me. Suddenly my massage got a new dimension and I started to channel information that could help others to tune into their own process.

In September 2017 Mayatiita undertook her first journey to India where she studied Raja Dhiraja Yoga in the Himalayan Yoga Institute.

Since 2019 Mayatiita has been called to meditate deeply into the Non-Dual aspect of Existence: in total surrender and deep commitment to the call of her being, every day sitting in silence, willing to go beyond everything that was known. She has been inquiring herself: “If I am aware of my body it is because I am beyond my body. If I am aware of my mind, it is because I am beyond my mind.” 

This willingness took her to the depths of her being, and she realized that whatever she was searching for was already here, always was and will forever be! This recognition of one self is the most powerful gift that one can give to themselves, and once One has realized the most precious gift that One can give is to share one’s own expression of the Source to this beautiful Dream of Life!

So this is her invitation to all of you! That we can meet each other as One! In pure depth! From Source to Source! In Infinite Love as One!

Now she is ready to share and to surrender. With open arms and open heart she aligns her will with the Divine will and embraces her path to flow in life, to inspire and be inspired by those who cross paths with her!
Besides being available as a therapist with therapeutic oil massages but also her unique Healing massage and her “Inspirience Yoga” classes.

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