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Michael Sun-Fidelman – Healer

+351/ 927.271.067||www.light-I-am.com

Michael is a natural intuitive and ThetaHealer. He has been supporting and guiding people in their healing journeys since 2006, using ThetaHealing®, channeling and spiritual and emotional guidance. 

The main thing he’s discovered on his own personal journey is that although we tend to look at life and the issues that come up for us as problems that need to be resolved, fixed or changed – from the perspective of LOVE, there are no issues or problems, rather opportunities for a deeper awakening and healing to take place. 

Michael feels that the invitation of this age is to evolve with greater ease and joy, and that powerful transformation can be free from hardship and unnecessary suffering. To be sensitive is a power, rather than an obstacle, and each of us has a unique and precious offering to share in this world.

The sessions with Michael, whether one-on-one or in groups, are an opportunity to receive more deeply the gift of who you truly are.  In the unique space of transformative guidance that he offers you are invited to awaken to your true inherent joy and bring deeper intimacy into your relationships, as well as receive guidance and clarity for your next evolutionary steps.

He works in Israel, Portugal and online, offering healing sessions for individuals and groups.

Meet Michael in this short intro video.

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