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Nicola Brown


Nicola is a far travelled English sound therapist and artist who recently settled in Lagos. She has always played music – for the effects of music – and loved colours, beauty, nature and travelling the world. Nicola has studied many different therapy and healing techniques, having worked with Shamans in Siberia, Aborigines in Australia, Bushmen in the Kalahari desert, and Sufi masters, all of whom were using sound, rhythm and music as healing modalities. It took her to USA to work with early sound healing pioneers in the 1980’s. Now Ixchel, as Nicola is also called by her Mayan name that was given to her in Guatemala, combines her love of sound, colours, crystals and healing by working with the magical sounds of quartz crystal bowls. As you can see yourself on her website, this multi-gifted lady also paints and writes.

The intention for her work is to inspire and uplift through the use of high frequency vibrations. At the same time as grounding and anchoring these more subtle vibrations into physical reality, so that heaven may be truly brought to earth.

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