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Richard Brook

(+351) 964 446 493|| www.creativewellness.co.uk
Richard is a specialist in 5 Elements Acupuncture, and brings 20 years experience of natural health practices and philosophies to his treatments which support you to be an authentic healthy vibrant human being.
Richard works deeply with the understanding that each of us has unique physical, mental and emotional needs to maintain our well being and his treatments reflect this – they are individually tailored within the treatment room but also support you to find what you need in your life to stay nourished and vibrant. He particularly understands how a great deal of what we experience in our mind and emotions relates to stress within the body and impressions from experiences we’ve been involved in. His treatments are very effective at balancing these deeper aspects alongside treating more common physical conditions.
He also emphasizes the importance of life choices, occupations and relationships and believes that true achievement is balancing all elements of life, not just achieving in one area such as work, which is a common pattern.
Richard also draws on a wealth of other experience including extensive practice of 5 Rhythms Dance and other movement practices, Tai Chi, Meditation, Native American Style Dance and Ceremony, and various other forms of energy and bodywork. Richard has also previously managed an Organic Food Shop and facilitated at Moinhos Velhos Detox retreat.
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