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Sandra Maria

+351/ 960 383 537||https://www.facebook.com/reikidocoracao.coracao

As a spirit on earth Sandra believes that our spiritual path is eternal, no matter whether it’s lived in a conscious or unconscious way. Sandra has always had a perspective on life more by the spirit than by matter, but has consciously begun to live this reality 17 years ago when she started learning Traditional Reiki. She had the privilege of being initiated by a direct student of Frank Arjava Peter who taught her to search for the answers by herself, and so she tries to do every day.

After 12 years of Reiki practice, Sandra has advanced through teaching, and it is a pleasure for her to introduce self-healing tools into people’s lives. However, three years ago the Shamanic Healing of the Amazon came into her life with the characteristic strength of nature and the indigenous people. Along the way she’s had other important learnings to complement – the therapist and teacher that she is today, but it is in the Shamanic Healing that her identity is, it is where she finds the deepest of her Being and where she recognized her spiritual origins. And so she keeps walking with the help and guidance of her spiritual allies who teach her to search and be firm in her own truth.

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