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Susana Barroco

+351/ 912 532 882||https://www.facebook.com/susana.queijobarroco
Susana found the Body Mirror System in 2002.
Right away in the first session, she was healed from insomnia and panic attacks, and was able to heal the relationship with her mother, which consequently greatly increased the quality of her life.
When she needed help, she found herself going to the Body Mirror classes, because for her they functioned much better than regular medicine.
Using the Body Mirror tools, Susana furthermore healed a chronic pain in her left ankle, stopped smoking with no effort after 17 years, and was healed of a stuffy nose.  But also her relationships became more authentic and easy and Susana gained an easiness of being that she didn’t have before.
Seeing how this system has worked for her, she decided to leave her previous job and dedicated only to the Body Mirror System. She started giving private appointments in 2013 and organizing Body Mirror classes in 2014.
Organizer of Body Mirror System and Vision Classes
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