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Ursula Rocci

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After completing her studies at the University of Economics, Vienna, Ursula lived and worked in Brussels for some years. But her dream has always been to help other people through massages and other hands-on practices. At the Centre d‘Etudes et de Recherches de Therapies Alternatives (Brussels) Ursula studied the basics of Shiatsu according to Masunaga. By “discovering“ the principles of yin-yang energies and the transformation cycle of the five elements on which traditional oriental health concepts and philosophies are based, she has developed a deep insight into various fields like natural remedies, macrobiotics (as philosophy of life and a way of balanced nutrition), oriental astrology (9 Star KI) and massage therapies – always in search of “the path of the middle“.
After a journey to Thailand where she trained in Thai Ancient Massage by Nit Chaimongkon, Ursula studied in her home town Vienna at the Lotos Institute for Holistic Healing Methods. There she was trained in Holistic Full Body Massage, active and passive movement exercises, meditation, Chinese Massage (Tui-na) as well as Polarity Massage.
Ursula travelled for many years with her husband to various festivals throughout Spain and Portugal in their campervan that has been converted into a mobile macrobiotic restaurant, having her massage bed always ready for whoever was in need of treatments. When her daughter started school ten years ago, Ursula settled with her family in the Western Algarve where she is offering her mobile massage service. The main focus of her massage work is the concept of Polarity Therapy which she sees as a most individual treatment, simple and comprehensive at the same time, as it does integrate different techniques like Chakra Energy Balancing, Foot and Hand Reflexology, Shiatsu, Acupressure and others.
A few years ago Ursula was introduced by a practitioner friend to Jin Shin Jyutsu (in German known as “Heil- oder Energie-Strömen“), an ancient art of energy healing originating from Japan, which she found fascinating as it is applicable on oneself as well as on others. Through intensive self-study and practising on herself, her family and friends she could deepen her experience in Jin Shin Jyutsu which became an integrated part of her treatments. Especially when treating older clients she finds the gentle Polarity Massage in combination with Jin Shin Jyutsu to be most effective.
Ursula loves to share her healing knowledge and experience with others to spread self-healing practice.
Her message is: Each of us has a healing power. We can heal ourselves, our relations, our environment. We can help others learn to use their healing gifts, and all work together to create a world of harmony. The key lies in understanding the very nature of life itself – energy!
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