The universe delivers us catastrophes, so we can find the richness in helping each other. _/\_

While the wild fires are still going on since 3rd August already, we started a fundraising campaign on facebook
to help with the most simple first aid medication, food and water on a day-to-day base for the brave volunteering fire fighters but also the locals that have lost their homes over night. Please donate and/ or share with others who want to actively care.

You can however also help directly
First of all, if you have accommodation/ shelter to offer – for humans and/ or animals, please contact coordinator Keziah Gibbons at +351/927.329.263

If you want to donate directly, you could support the trustworthy local association
AIF/ Associação Alerta de incêndio florestal / forest fire alert
via PayPal to or bank transfer:
NIPC 514208295 (official charity)
IBAN PT50 0033 0000 4549 9091 2130 5

And there is a lot of work in various local groups – cooking for the fire fighters and all the dislocated people, collecting and transporting goods, nursing, rescuing left behind animals, and and. Just look out for a support group that resonates with what you’d like to offer, or start your own. Namaste.