Dear Friends & Visitors of InLight!

We have slightly increased the yoga fees as of 19th February 2019.
Broken down to the cost of one class for those that purchase yoga cards, the difference is just a small increase which helps us to keep honouring the amazing work of each and every yoga teacher and covering our steadily rising costs and work behind the scenes. Day by day we strive for the best professional service that we can give to all of you, and we hope that you will value and therefore understand this step. The list with new Yoga fees can be downloaded HERE.

If you have any question regarding our new fees that come into place as you buy a new yoga card or pay for a drop-in class, please don’t hesitate to address the yoga teachers directly or otherwise contact us via email or phone/whatsapp to (+351) 913.127.421.
If you earn your money locally and struggle to pay for your yoga classes at InLight, please don’t be shy and talk to Karuna directly at the above mentioned number.

We also grant discounts for most of our massages and alternative treatments for locals that earn their money locally AND can’t afford our regular fees.

Remember, we are at your service and always focus on finding a mutually satisfying solution. :-)
TOGETHER we continuously evolve, refine, heal…. OM!