Namaste dear friend.
More and more we are being asked whether the online classes will continue. The answer is YES. We are actually planning to carry on with the online classes throughout.

Not all the teachers will be physically back too soon in Lagos or in the studio, and neither will our – current online – clients be. Moreover, many got used to the comfort of joining the InLight community from their home, wherever that is at the moment. Also, if you purchase a new pack of online classes, it can be transferred back to studio classes and vice versa. We’re are flexible and hope, you too! 😉

We will post out the STUDIO Schedule as of 1st June as soon as possible. The studio classes will be offered parallel to the online classes – for now with Isabel, Puck, Cony, Claire, Ivana, and Luísa. Till then, stay positive and with deep faith! 

Warm hugs to you