What better way to welcome Spring than by having a sound bath? Or three?

InLight is hosting three very special, talented sound therapists in April and May to immerse us in sound frequencies to relax and heal. Researchers have found that sound waves affect the human nervous system and decrease blood pressure. Tibetans have been using these sonic frequency technologies for more than 2,000 years claiming the process cleanses the soul.

On Thursday 19 April at 8.15pm, Johannes Häfner is back with us for another special Nada Yoga session. With two sets of singing bowls consisting of 13 bowls each, and one giant singing bowl, big enough stand up in, Johannes creates a unique sound bath, accompanied by a 120 cm gong, a monochord, cymbals and bells.

José Carlos is here on Sunday 29 April at 7pm to introduce AscenSom, a project dedicated to the healing power of sound. Through the holistic resonance of voice and instruments, with special focus on various crystal instruments and the planetary gong, played according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, the all-pervasive overtones allow for an immersion into an ocean of sound, in which states of relaxation, peace and harmony can be attained in what many have called a “rebirthing experience”.

On Friday 4 May at 6pm get ready to be moved by sound when we join Suntara, one of Australia’s leading sound healers, on “A Musical Trip around the Cosmos”, presented by Mars Yoga and Wellness. Suntara will take you on a musical healing journey into the depths of your soul, weaving together “other-worldly” vocals and a myriad of healing instruments such as shamanic drums, crystal bowls and djembe.