Treatments via Safe Remote Session

We are here for you, offering deeply healing and transformative processes.
A distant healing session works just as well as meeting up in person.

ThetaHealing® – Remote Session

With the ThetaHealing® technique it is possible to identify deep blockages, anxiety and traumata, to transform them and to program the subconscious new with most amazing immediate results.

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Remote Holistic Online Treatments

Since the covid-19 outbreak in Portugal we offer solely holistic treatments and therapies that are performed as distance treatment.

As our Treatment Pricelist therefore does not reflect the current fees for online sessions,
please either contact us directly or browse through this page (still to be updated mostly).

For more detailed information on various services listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our remote treatment sessions are performed by extremely experienced and sincere therapists. Get to know the therapist via a brief chat prior to booking in.

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Would you like to offer a holistic treatment (performed over distance) to a loved one? Our gift vouchers can also be sent electronically to the gifted person.

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