The “Nourishing Stillness” Resto­rative Workshop is an invitation to dive deeply into a restful and reju­vena­ting space for a few hours. Emptying out mental and physical ten­sions is what is really required and most needed….. exhale, let go and surren­der. 

The first workshop of this kind at InLight was described by all participants as a simply amazing experience! They spoke about very deep and profound shifts, releasings, and healings. – Thus much more than just relaxation! The next dates for which you have to register by the Friday before to reserve your place is:
Sunday,  8th April, 6th May, and 3rd June 2018 from 6 – 8pm
– yes, we have moved it to the for most people more convenient evening time as spring has started!

!!Reservation by 6pm on the Friday before is required.        Fee: €15

We will begin with calming pranayama (breathing techniques) to begin to turn inward, moving on to gentle stretching to release physical tensions and nurturing restorative yoga poses to soften and go deeper. Finishing with the delicious practice of yoga nidra (deep conscious rest) and meditation to access higher states of awareness.

Restorative yoga and yoga nidra are about BEING rather than doing. Both are simple yet profound practices. In this, the body can decompress and relax deeply, making space for the creative energy and deep healing as we reconnect with our own innate wisdom.

These practices have been shown to lower blood pressure, decrease the effects of stress, anxiety and fatigue, promote healing, increase mood, and decrease insomnia. Everyone is welcome to come to this day of nourishing rest, reflection and regeneration. No previous experience of yoga or meditation is necessary.

About the trainer Helen Briggs:
Helen has been teaching yoga classes since 2003, drawing on her extensive experience of different yoga traditions. She seeks to provide students with a safe, supportive environment in which to explore, enjoy and develop their own daily yoga practice. In addition to teaching yoga and meditation, she is also a qualified Hypnotherapist, with specialist training in HypnoFertility® and HypnoBirthing®, Neuro-linguistic Pro­gramming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).