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Becca Spooner

Becca’s interest in innovative holistic therapies was sparked during her seven years working with remote tribal communities in the Amazon and Southern Africa with Survival International, where she worked as a campaigner for indigenous peoples’ land rights. Along her travels she learned about the Ayoreo tribe’s massage techniques, the Peruvian Matsés’ use of plant medicines and the life changing therapy of Colombia’s Arhuaco tribe, who practice meditation and energy work to heal. Becca has since studied Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and massage. She is a qualified 600hr YTT Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin and 5 Element Yoga teacher. Drawing from her experience in the holistic traditions of Eastern medicine and the anatomical wisdom of the West, her yoga and therapy sessions provide her clients with deep insight into how the body works, why it gets out of balance, and what the tools are to heal and restore good health

Event Series Vinyasa Flow with Becca

Vinyasa Flow with Becca

Vinyasa Flow helps to build strength and endurance in your physical practice, creating heat through flowing, linking movements. In the second part of the class we balance dynamic movement with longer held stretches to release the muscles we have worked on. Becca emphasises connection with the breath and postural alignment based on your felt experience rather than the aesthetic look of your practice.

9€ – 15€
Event Series Strong Slow Flow with Becca

Strong Slow Flow with Becca

This Slow Flow focusses on building strength and confidence in your yoga practice and is suitable for all levels. Becca teaches alignment principles while inviting you to adapt the practice autonomously to suit our very different bodies and needs.

9€ – 15€