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  2. Cony Faine – Yoga teacher, therapist

Cony Faine – Yoga teacher, therapist

Cony is a passionate Wellness and Yoga facilitator, holding a 900hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Certificate, a 200 hrs Tantra Yoga RYT Yoga Alliance Certificate, and a Reiki Master certificate. Cony is also a Life Coach and Psychologist. Born in Chile, she has been travelling the world for about 7 years, sharing her Yoga experience in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India & Bali. Following her passion and dream of doing what she loves, Cony arrived to Portugal in March 2019, to share this experience with You. She offers an authentic mindful & embodiment practice of Tantra Yoga.
Cony's aim is to help people to discover the union between mind and body, through the connection with breath, movement and knowledge of their bodies, in harmony and love. She shares a truthful passion for Tantra Yoga, embodiment and connection, reflected in a dance between body, mind & soul. Helping people moving forward, connecting with their true essence. “YOGA AS A WAY OF INSPIRING LIVES, DISCOVERING ONE’S SELF, CONNECTING BODY, MIND AND SOUL INTO ONENESS.”

Event Series Embodiment Flow with Cony

Embodiment Flow with Cony

Reconnecting with your Body. Learn to be present for everything you feel, energy expansion, turning up and turning towards. This Embodiment flow class is a blend of Hatha yoga, Somatics, movement meditations, Tantric philosophy, and Yoga Psychology, stepping into flow as meditation in action. We invite you to enjoy this beautiful class as an Invitation into the deepest felt sense of Self.

9€ – 15€

Hatha Yoga with Cony

This Hatha Yoga class starts with movement and a more dynamic flow to warm up the body and ignite fire energy. Following this is a meditative part where we hold the asanas for longer in order to let them work on a deeper level, on the energy body, the facia and the endocrine system. This class could also be described as a Yang to Yin class working to both energise and strengthen as well as calm and centre body and mind. Suitable for everyone.

9€ – 15€
Event Series Tantra Yoga with Cony

Tantra Yoga with Cony

Tantra Yoga can be translated as “Be the most expanded you". Tantra is all about mindful embodiment, really feeling your body and energies. A typical class with Cony starts with a Mantra, call and response, to connect with the energy and vibration of it. Followed by a short meditation, centering, coming into alignment into this centered space within ourselves, allowing this to feel calm, open and in a confident position. Once we are aware and connected with our bodies, we start with some warm ups, to release any tension in our bodies. Sitting and standing movements. With Surya Namaskar, to balance the lunar and solar energies, Shakti energy is created. In the following traditional asana practice, we connect and feel the energy of the asanas, together with the energy centers. It’s a gentle and slow class, very mindfully honouring the divinity within each one of us. Open to all.

9€ – 15€
Event Series Vinyasa Flow with Cony

Vinyasa Flow with Cony

A journey of movement – the internal movement of breath (pranayama) guides and supports the external movement of the body (asana). In this class you will be guided through a slow flow of body postures using the breath as a mantra and instrument for grounding your awareness in the present moment. This becomes a moving meditation which brings you many benefits on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Develop flexibility, strength, concentration and focus. This class includes the practice of pranayama, asana, bandhas (energy locks), meditation and yoga nidra. Rejuvenate and re-discover your inner power. Intermediate Level

9€ – 15€