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  2. Danielle Riegel – Pro Harpist & Sound Healer

Danielle Riegel – Pro Harpist & Sound Healer

Danielle is an internationally acclaimed concert harpist and was the solo harpist of the Symphony Orchestra of the Hague, Netherlands for 15 years. She also developed a career in bodywork and energy work. Danielle holds degrees in Anusara yoga, Hatha yoga and Dru yoga. She studied Qigong Flow with Marissa Cranfield in the lineage of Master Mantak Chia from Universal Healing Tao. Danielle trained Ancient Healing with Rahul Bharti and is certified in Thai yoga massage, Reiki and Tibetan singing bowl massage. Danielle also has a passion for dance and has been teaching Argentine tango for over 12 years, developing her own method called Conscious tango and leading a tango school in Amsterdam for many years. Moreover, Danielle is a certified spirit & soul coach and holistic nature coach who moved to Portugal in 2020 where she dedicates herself to giving Meditative harp concerts, sound journeys, individual sound healings, teaching Qigong flow, conscious tango and to coaching people. Danielle’s aim is to help people reconnect with their body, heart and soul, and to awaken what is profound and pure in their essence, allowing it to shine. “I love to guide my students and clients on a journey of reconnection with their true nature and refine their sensitivity to the universal life force energy, so they can start living their life with effortless flow and dynamic relaxation, guided by their divine wisdom and intuition."