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Teri Marley – Massage Therapist

Get to know Teri (Teresa Marley), a registered Massage Therapist from Canada, offering her services at InLight since 2020. Drawn to Lagos to enjoy the climate, ocean and people, Teri’s passions are horse riding and outdoor activities. She has been practising Massage Therapy since 2003, specializing in Deep Tissue therapeutic massage & Sports Massage. She focuses on these therapies to help her clients achieve and maintain their physical goals. Other therapies Teri offers are Lymphatic Drainage, Suction Cupping for Myofascial Release, Craniosacral therapy and massage for de-stressing and relaxing. She adds that lymphatic drainage is a very light touch therapy and the reaction from the client is always how light they feel after the treatment. “It makes me smile to see my clients feeling feather light after their treatment”. Teri adds to her treatments by giving advice for strengthening, stretching and habitual changes. She is looking forward to welcoming new clients. To book an appointment, the quickest way is to phone, Whatsapp or Signal Teri directly: +351/ 910 160 497.