Energetic Clearing Empowerment

This unique Energetic Clearing can be performed totally without any physical touch but preferably with very gentle touch while the client is lying comfortably and fully dressed on a massage couch.

According to your needs & readiness, a thorough energetic clearing & DNA/RNA update will help you to feel much lighter & free and consequently to become empowered to end outdated paths and to start new chapters in your life. Strong old cords, energetic agreements that do not serve your highest purpose any longer, vows, curses, ancestral programming, etc will be cancelled/ removed. Your cells will be infused with a high-frequent energy of pure Light & Love.

The Clearing aims at restoring your Body – Mind – Soul connection to help you to synchronize better with your innate higher nature. Clients usually right away feel much lighter and with important insights and new inspiration, thus are empowered to change their lives to the better.

Often an individual message is being transmitted to you from your Guardian Angel/ Star Family/ Source. Most clients also experience highly blissful physical sensations and/ or see fascinating light combinations, etc during the session.

This 1 hour session includes:

  • A brief intro talk to understand your current issues & concerns and gives you room to ask any questions you might have.
  • Energetic Clearing – Will help to understand in which area(s) your energy flow requires unblocking. Your energy centers will be opened, cleaned and restored, DNA/RNA updated.
  • Empowerment to start new chapters in your life – sometimes without having consciously being aware about them prior to the session.

With Karuna Manning

Fee: €60 for 60min

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