Shiatsu Massage

Visualize yourself lying in comfortable clothes on a soft mat, and being touched all over the body by a trained Shiatsu massage therapist who performs smooth, fluid movements with fingers, palms, elbows and knees to balance out your energy flow (‘Ki’ or ‘Qi’) according to the individual diagnosis.

Shiatsu as a popular form of bodywork involves intuition, creativity as well as a vast knowledge and several years of trained skill. This Japanese healing art is uniquely flexible, capable of applying the depth of Rolfing and the subtlety of cranial osteopathy as well as mobilization and release techniques, etc. The attentive touch occurs especially along the body’s major energy pathways (meridians), but always led by the body’s signals, with the intention of rebalancing your body’s overall energy.

Shiatsu, given by a qualified practitioner, is considered a complete therapy for many physical afflictions and chronic diseases and one of the best health care methods in daily life that can prevent disease. The natural self-healing power is activated in the receiver. Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing and pleasurable experience, and regular sessions can help prevent the build-up of stress in our daily lives.

Watch short sequences of a Shiatsu treatment based on the European Shiatsu Institute by clicking on this link.

Price: 65€/60min or 75€/ 75min

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