As many might have already noticed: Puck is back from India earlier than in the past years :-).
Having resumed most of her old classes, she has added a stronger focus on alignment especially to her Wednesday 10am class.
Being busy with a Yoga teachers training and two regular Hatha yoga courses, Puck  has dropped the Friday morning Yin Yang class.
These are Puck’s current classes:

Monday, 10 am – HATHA FLOW
Tuesday, 6pm – YIN YOGA
Friday, 10am – HATHA YOGA
Sunday, 8am – Group MEDITATION until 8.45am (until the end of March)

For the later spring and summer time, a series of workshops are in the planning to offer a space for additional learning beyond the regular yoga classes at InLight. We are therefore collecting your ideas and wishes for such workshops. Please either talk directly to Puck or email her. Thank you!