The exciting news has already been widely spread: Today, 26th November Puck, who is one of InLight’s main and senior yoga teachers, has given birth to the healthy gorgeous baby girl named Shivani. We express our warmest congratulations to Puck, Luís & the entire families!!! 

During Puck’s maternity leave for probably just a few months into February, the following teachers have taken over her classes for the time being:
*Monday 10am:
HATHA YOGA with Kaja Depping who most regulars already know and appreciate with her vast experience and sensitivity for her students.
*Tuesday 8.30am:
YIN YANG will turn into a stronger YANG only class with Maria Cruz who is known for making sure that everyone is getting their good sweaty workout on cold winter days. :-)
*Tuesday 6pm:
YIN Yoga will be continued by popular Helen Briggs whose latest offers we would like to point out here: monthly Mind Calm Meditation Courses (3.12.)and Nourishing Stillness” – Restorative Yoga Workshops  (10.12.)
*Wednesday 10am:
HATHA YOGA instead of Puck’s Iyengar inspired Hatha Yoga classes will be offered by Andrea Schoonheim who brings with her an especially broad knowledge of Anatomy and who is known for her deeply inspiring classes.
*Friday 10am:
HATHA YOGA with our Barre lady Christine Dias, and in the old year mostly by Kaja Depping as Christine is heading to the US for an extended xmas family holiday earlier this season.