With the winter knocking on our doors, we have decided to have ALL early morning classes during the week start at 8.30am. Thus also the Thursday morning Hatha Yoga class with Ivana Longo will from 1 November onwards begin slightly later at 8.30am and finish by 9.45am latest. Hope to see many early birds!

The first busy summer teacher who is leaving into her well deserved winter holiday is Miri Hussain. Her Vinyasa Flow class on the Wednesdays at 10am will from now on be covered by the equally popular Maria Cruz. Miri will say good-bye in the old year with one last class on 7 November.

The Guided Meditation sessions on Tuesdays and Sunday mornings will be paused for a bit. Helen is instead offering her Yoga Nidra sessions every Sunday at 11am instead of twice a month on Thursday nights.

Kundalini Yoga fans will be offered additional 90minutes sessions every Monday at 4pm during the month of November which can be attended with the regular InLight Yoga cards and without prior registration. Sat Nam!

And finally, internationally active teacher and frequency activator Yaniv Eylon who has been offering his terrific talks and most powerful healing activations based on Sacred Geometry every Monday night is pausing his sessions on Monday nights during the darker time of the year. Instead he’ll offer an intensive workshop on Sunday, 18 November.

Big thanks to all the amazing InLight team members for their continuous efforts to make each and every yoga class at InLight a unique experience to draw inspiration and strength from. <3
And thank you, dear ever growing international InLight community, who likes to return to our little studio again & again and gives us such lovely smiles & hugs, deep breaths, looong stretches and wide jumps… and constant brilliant oral feedback and at times even flattering online feedback on Tripadvisor, Google Maps, Facebook & Co. :-)

PS: For those who want to find more time over the winter months to endulge in our healing massages and transformative treatments, please remember that locals who earn their money locally qualify for a 20% discount on most massages. Best to book 1 – 2 days in advance via whatsapp or email.
AND: We will have the very experienced 5 Elements acupuncturist Richard Brook from London move in with us over the winter, starting also from the beginning of November. Welcome Richard!