Join us on the Sunday mornings from 8 to 8.45am – for free or against donation, as you feel like.

A time to empty the mind from the impressions of the previous week, a space to expand your awareness to consciously create your new week. 

Mostly it will be a silent meditation with some initial guidance, if needed, to better focus the mind and expand your awareness. Sometimes we start off with the repetition of a mantra or a breathing technique that helps you to fall into meditation.

Meditating together recharges batteries, improves concentration, reinforces and maintains the motivation to continue the individual practice of meditation.

PLEASE KINDLY NOTE THAT FROM THE 19TH FEBRUARY TILL THE END OF MARCH 2017 THE MEDITATION TIME WILL TAKE PLACE EARLIER: Every Sunday from 8 to 8.45am together with the Yoga TTC students.  Hope to meet a big crowd meditating together!!