This Monday, 29th April, we have the honour of Carl Zimmerling, who practices this art for over 25 years at the Zen Dojo Tai Ku An in BSJ, guiding the early morning TAI CHI session. Join us!

The class is open for all levels and is meant, above all, as a way of sharing and promoting the collective and individual practice. From May on, our loyal Cristiano will lead the Monday 8.30am class into mid June when we expect Urbano to return from Madeira over the summer months.

“As in meditation, here too, the path into this direction begins with the perception and exploration of our inner space. We get to know our energetic center, its weight and flexibility. We discover universal energies and laws that are available to us, in our body, when we pay them attention. The result of constantly repeated exercises, is an intimacy with the unity of body and mind.”