A gathering with Edina Kozma to receive more clarity about the upcoming changes and global events for those who are open to see ourselves as conscious vibrating beings who are currently undergoing huge changes. Detailed infos HERE.

UPDATE from 15th Nov.: Also Edina’s longterm teacher and crisis manager Janaka/ Ervin Miklós will join the talk on the 16th November with his very practical approach, offering tools for you to stabilize yourself in the state that the paradigm shift requires. For more infos on Janaka please read up on the event page.

Edina’s talk on 3 November in front of 30 people at InLight was very clear, urging us to be conscious and specific about our individual goal and direction throughout. At the same time, this special strong-willed healer enchanted with her humble, sincere character. We have scheduled another Q&A session with Edina on Saturday, 16th November at 2.30pm.