InLight warmly welcomes intuitive catalyst ThetaHealing® Practitioner Patricia Kiel to our studio. As an opening special, Patricia is offering PREBOOKED ThetaHealing® TREATMENT TRIALS on Wednesday, 13th February between 12 and 5 pm at Inlight FOR THE DISCOUNT FEE OF €38 FOR A 45 MINUTES+ session.

ThetaHealing® is an ancient holistic healing method that we are now rediscovering. It is one of the most effective energetic healing methods that exists today. With the ThetaHealing® technique, it is possible to identify deep blockages, to transform them and to reprogramme the subconscious within minutes.

Emotional blockages, anxiety, traumata and depression, to just name a few, can be effectively treated, removed and dissolved. Work on physical ailments is also possible if you are open to looking into root causes and their elimination. This technique allows us to recreate a new reality literally within minutes. In fact you can feel the changes right away.

The alteration of belief systems creates new thinking, feelings and behavior in life and therefore, positive experiences.

(A regular session with Patricia is €60 and lasts 1 to 1.5 hours, but more affordable deals are possible if you require several sessions.) To take advantage of Patricia’s special offer, please PREBOOK your session by 11th February, 2019 with InLight (text/WhatsApp (+351)913.127.421 or email us.
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