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Classic Ayurvedic Massage


This Classic Ayurvedic Massage is a traditional Indian technique for balancing body and mind. In Ayurveda medicine it’s believed that pains and aches are caused by obstructions of the flow of Vayu (wind).

With the  massage, heat is generated by vigorous rubbing, stimulating circulation, which makes the body vessels expand and move waste materials (toxins). Improved circulation of the Vayu removes tensions, reduces pain, fatigue and aid the nervous system. The application of warm oil penetrates deep into the soft tissues helping body types that present stiffness, dryness and deterioration.

The oil is chosen according to body type and season. In this 90 minutes massage the whole body gets nourished, detoxified and energized. Also a shorter 1 hour session is possible.

This special massage is offered mainly by Ivana Longo who studied Ayurvedic Massage and Panchakarma therapies in 2010 in PVA clinic, Kerala, India. Ever since she travels to India regularly for her yoga education and for deeper connecting to the roots of such ancient and sacred practices.

Therapist: Ivana, Soraia
Fee: 58€/ 1 hour
80€/ 1.5 hours




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