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Transformational Breathwork – Remote Session

Heart Centered Living is living according to the calling of your soul. You can recognise the calling of your soul by the feelings of joy, peace and inspiration it brings to you. Sometimes you are cut off from these feelings or have troubles to dare trusting your heart, which often involves a leap into the unknown. You may be confronted with deep-seated fears about your own worth and your ability to pursue your own path  – no matter where you are on your path.

A session can assist you to go beyond fear and open up to trust, self-worth and courage. It may also help you to  resolve issues regarding depression, anxiety, chronic pain, guilt trauma, self worth/love, anger, mental problems, addictions or eating disorders.

As during the covid-19 era only online session over the distance are possible, you will need a laptop with camera, speaker and internet connection.

Therapists: Daniela & Han

Price for online session: 35 – 45€ (according to your means)/ 90 min. session




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