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Ayurvedic Marma Massage (deep)

Our most popular massage! It is so continuously deep that you certainly are taken into a different space… a total reconnection with your body.
The outcome: Feeling absolutely wonderful, your body feels brand new.

“Marma” is a Sanskrit word meaning hidden or secret. A marma point is a juncture on the body where two or more types of tissue meet, such as muscles, veins, ligaments, bones or joints. Although Marma points are much more than a casual connection of tissue and fluids, they are points of the vital life force. When imbalances block the movement of free-flowing energy in the body, the resulting stagnation leads to physical and mental discomfort and disease.When we touch Marma points we stimulate the body’s biochemistry to produce exactly what the body needs, including neurochemicals and hormones that heal the body, mind and consciousness.

Benefits of Marma massage therapy

  1. all the benefits of traditional massage
  2. strengthens the organ systems and tissues
  3. regenerates tissues
  4. relieves physical and mental blockages of energy
  5. helps remove excess ama (toxins)
  6. prevents aging
  7. improves lymph flow
  8. increases the protection from vata disorders
  9. nourishes the body
  10. encourages good sleep
  11. improves physical stability
  12. balances the dosha
  13. helps easy flow of energy through the energy channels
  14. helps to release blocked energy helping prevent disease

Therapist: Leith
Price: Ideal duration because of the wide range of massage techniques:
75€ for 75 min. or 100€ for 110 min.
But also possible to book in for: 45min. – €50;  1hr – €65 and 90min. – €90




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