Project Description

Cellular Healing – Also as Remote Session

Anita uses a form of Hypnosis, Meditation and channelling to connect with Spirit beings/energies in other realms that can and most certainly do enter this earthly realm to aid in healing. These sessions are very relaxing, pleasurable and recharging deep down to the cellular level and beyond, to really palpably change our body mind chemistry and how we are.

This then pours out into our outer lives, effecting the change we have been looking for.
Many report actually connecting with the benevolent spirit healers during the sessions and also afterwards. Anita has worked with groups in Brazil over many years with these spirit healers and is herself a healing medium in her own right. She acts as a bridge between Spirit and participants, in both group or individual sessions. She has seen amazing situations and healing of so called impossible cases.

Currently the sessions are being offered remotely via Skype or Whatsapp, both for groups and individuals.
A 5 minutes consultation is offered for free prior to a session to see what session suits best.

Therapist: Anita Fuller
Price: 65€/ 1 hour  and 85€/ 1.5 hrs




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