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PandoraStar™ Brain/Mind Acceleration


Discover yourself with PandoraStar™ – Deep Trance Light Machine. Brain Activation & Enhancement

Train your brain to access deeper states of relaxation, focus, stress relief, rejuvenation, Loving-kindness, insights, creativity and much more…
This cutting edge technology, enables you to explore new & subtle states of consciousness, enhance your journey of awakening or just have fun in an entirely new way.

Tap into infinite possibilities in an individual and customized way.
Create your own reality with new and less-familiar mind states.

Private Sessions with PandoraStar™ include flickering light accompanied by carefully chosen music & sound specifically designed to encourage constructive brainwave activity.
For example they can be used to help relax & wind down from the stress of your daily life even when you don’t have time to dedicate for a long meditation practice, they can help achieve healthier sleep patterns, increase your attention & focus skills, relieve depression, cultivate compassion, add grounding, or support your dream work, creativity and healing process.

Watch a short video about the PandoraStar Deep Trance Light Machine HERE.

Therapist: Boaz Capsouto
Intro session (1hr): €50
Regular session (1hr): €75
3 session package: €200




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