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Psychic Coach Sonal – Work with Your Higher Self

Are you stuck with stress, anxiety & chronic pains, and/or seemingly insurmountable challenges in your private or business life?

With great compassion & equipped with decades of work experience as a trained clairvoyant coach, Sonal is delivering messages and predictions as a psychic from other planes, like your Guardian Angels, but also for instance from a departed soul, if important for her clients that are from all parts of the world.

If the client is ready to work on their specific issues, the psychic coach offers with much clarity several different session types to help freeing you from often very old blockages and to introduce shortcuts into living a fulfilled & successful life. A stronger contact with your “Higher Self”, your intuition, is often a side effect on the way towards better achieving your goals.

Sonal works both over the phone/ online and face-to-face, if possible.
All she needs to know about her clients is their birth name and their age in order to tune in to their story and to help find the small necessary changes that can make the big difference in one’s life towards more fulfillment & happiness.


1. Psychic Reading
Receive your personal messages from your soul or guardian angels, messages from deceased souls if they choose to deliver messages for you, as well as predictions in reply to up to 3 questions.
You will be asked to send a photograph of yours along with your birth name & date of birth to Sonal prior to the session. It is suggested to record the session so that you can relisten and take in the new information with ease.
€70 for 45 minutes

2. Crystal & Magnetising Healing for Unblocking & Protection
In a similar way as a medium can tune into your energy field remotely, with your permission the removal of blockages, and the rebuilding of a protective shield as well as the transformation of your body’s aura with strong amounts of healing energy are being worked on in this session with tangible results.
€70 for 45 minutes

3. Rebirthing

For a fresh start, to clear up stored traumas, a Rebirthing session can bring you the desired life-changing experience. Current and/ or previous incarnation issues are being worked on with full guidance & protection.

Old blockages are left behind through your active breathwork that acts as a bridge between conscious and unconscious parts of your being. Reserve enough time for yourself to integrate the powerful session outcome. You will only be invited to a Rebirthing session if Sonal feels that you are ready for the change.
€90 for 75 minutes

4. DNA/ Genetic Upgrade of Astral & Auric Body
Continuously recurring issues, even though playing out in different forms, have underlying root causes that may lie in this or previous lifetimes. Together with you, your aura will be strengthened and protected with a shield. Your DNA & RNA/ genetic information will be cleared and upgraded to function in new ways and to better attend to new “outside” attacks.
€80 for 60 minutes

Sessions can be conducted via Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, etc. and in either of the following languages:
English, French, Dutch, Gujarati.
Major discounts will be granted if you book several sessions at once to allow a quantum leap.




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