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Sound Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls


Sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls is a unique inner journey, reencountering our original peace, our deepest essence. The Peter Hess sound massage is based on long-standing research and practice and can only be done by therapists certified by Peter Hess Institute, Germany.

Sound massage is done by placing high quality therapeutic singing bowls on key energy points of the body. These bowls are then slightly touched with a felted stick in a very serene rhythm, which creates a soft vibration of the bowls and a harmonious sound which spreads throughout the whole body, reaching and harmonizing every cell.

More recently we have opened up this kind of powerful treatment for therapists who use multiple instruments and not only Tibetan sound bowls, such as crystal bowls, didgeridoo, etc.  When inquiring about this kind of treatment, please inform us about your special wishes and/ or areas that require healing and we will do our best to match you with the ideal therapist. 

During the treatment, the patient is fully clothed. The massage lasts around one hour and is preceded by a brief talk where the patient may explain what he / she hopes to achieve in the sound massage.

Benefits of Sound therapy

+ Creates immediate relaxation and deep sense of well-being
+ Calms the mind and promotes inner peace
+ Broadens perception and clarity
+ Relieves stress and anxiety
+ Dissolves physical and emotional blockages
+ Aligns body, mind and spirit, promoting stability and balance
+ Enhances self-esteem and the joy to live

Therapist: various according availability & client’s needs
Price: 60€/ 1 hour




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