Dear friends,
Yukia Qwi An Sandara, a clairvoyant global healer will offer just a few powerful individual healing sessions this Wed, 29th and Thu, 30th November 2017 afternoon at InLight based on readings of your holographic screen for the super special price of €65 for 1hr.

You can come with one or two questions to be answered. Yukia will describe your individual Soul portrait that she reads from your holographic screen and that she will also send as a drawing to you afterwards. With the individual transmissions in Light language come along very powerful energetic clearings, healings, and activations…. a quantum jump in your spiritual development!

Book your session for this very reduced fee via phone/ text/ whatsapp: (+351)/ 913.127.421.
Outside these times you can anytime book a session directly with Yukia – also online via fb or yukiaatika @