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Isabel Coimbra – Yoga Teacher

My yoga journey began many years ago in South Africa when I was introduced to the practice of yoga by a close friend. I quickly became passionate about yoga and how it made me feel - lighter, stronger and more balanced in body and mind. In Singapore, I met Master Kamal, a yoga master who encouraged me to teach. With this extra motivation, I jumped right into finding a school and completing my first formal teacher training. I was fortunate enough to immediately be offered the opportunity to teach at the studios I had so far only practiced in - True Yoga, the largest yoga studios group in Singapore. Teaching opened a whole new range of learnings to me - about what is at the core of yoga, individuality, humility - and I enjoy it as much as I enjoy my own practice. In addition to studio-based teaching, I coach and teach corporate and private clients. As with many yogis, my personal journey has led me to develop an understanding of what yoga is to me - intimacy with self and harmony with everything else. I teach various forms of yoga such as Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Hatha beginners through advanced, Hatha & Core, Vinyasa beginners through advanced, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Flow, Yoga Stretch.

My qualifications include: ISHTA (Integral Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda), 500 hours Yoga Alliance Classical Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Alliance 200 hrs Chuck Miller (Scholar of Pathabi Jois) - Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training,  Yoga Alliance 100 hrs Paul Grilley - Yin Yoga Teacher Training  - Anatomy and Theory 30hrs Jo Phee - Yin Yoga Teacher Trianing, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Anatomy 200hrs Mathew Sweeney - Vinyasa Yoga I've also studied with renowned teachers such as Simon Borg Olivier (Yoga Synergy), Master Kamal (Balance and Core), Kino MacGregor (Ashtanga), Annie Carpenter (Yoga Flow), Dr. Venky Reddy (Pranayama and Anatomy).

I am privileged to do what I love, and continue to learn as a teacher and a practitioner from other Teachers, Masters, and also my students. Meet Isabel in this short intro video  

Hatha & Core Yoga with Isabel

The poses and exercises of Hatha & Core Yoga are designed to strengthen and tone first of all the core of your body, which is the area that connects your upper and lower body. The emphasis is therefore mostly on abdominal and middle & lower back muscles, glutes, hips and pelvis. The class is suitable for all levels of experience. Benefits: Stabilize, strengthen and tone the core muscles which in return keep lower back pain away, and help to improve digestion and balance.

9€ – 15€

Yoga Stretch with Isabel

Characteristics: Yoga Stretch is a concept in which certain postures are used to stretch all the joints and muscles in the body. A very popular class, open for all that know how far they can go in the various deep stretches. Benefits: It’s a unique technique for creating flexibility, loosening of the joints, and muscle toning. The glands are stimulated.

9€ – 15€

Gentle Yoga with Isabel

Gentle Yoga Characteristics: A gentle yet energetic way to distress and revitalize the body and mind. Suitable for everyone. Benefits: On the physical level this practice improves i.a. balance and flexibility, increases strength and life force. Furthermore, it stimulates the digestive, nervous, and endocrine system. Benefits on other levels include a deeper sense of awareness, increased self-confidence and well-being as well as a calm and integrated mind. Add

9€ – 15€

Ashtanga Yoga Led Primary Series with Isabel

Ashtanga Yoga was introduced in the modern world by the Indian Sri Patthabi Jois in the 1970s and comprises of series of fixed asana sequences that synchronize respiration with the movement. It’s a rigorous style of yoga where every movement is linked to a breath. This is a sweaty, physically most demanding practice. Previous Ashtanga yoga experience is strongly recommended in order to benefit from this class. NB: This class is taught as a Led Primary Series. Benefits: This system’s goal is to detoxify the body through the heat generated and the increase of metabolic rhythms, reviewing negative postures or tendencies in order to optimize the quality of our thoughts and emotions with a calm mind more apt to meditation.

€9 – €15