Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral therapy is a very gentle, fully-clothed therapy that works on all levels, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, to encourage wellbeing and rejuvenation.

The Biodynamic approach is holistic and non-manipulative, it works with the core of our being recognising that the body mind system has everything it needs within itself to find balance and health. It helps teach our body how to relax into a parasympathetic state which relaxes the nervous system. This gentle and non-invasive approach helps us bring awareness to and melt away the stress stored within us.

With the lightest touch it focusses on inherent health, rather than imbalance and is fantastic during pregnancy or when conditions are painful or uncomfortable, as it is so gentle. As it strengthens the body mind connection and our awareness of our body, it can help with almost any condition. These include postural strains or injuries, back and neck conditions, digestive issues, joint pains, sports injuries, tension, stress-related illnesses, fatigue, chest and lung complaints, headaches, jaw, ear and sinus problems, migraines, relaxation, sleep, boosting the immune system, circulation, water retention, emotional issues. In fact a CranioSacral treatment is also an ideal opportunity to talk through and release any anxieties as it is so profoundly relaxing.

The most beautiful thing is the lovely, gentle, heart centred nature of the work, it really enriches lives. Clients regularly comment that they start to feel their whole lives becoming more authentic since having regular sessions. The results of CranioSacral therapy prove that ‘truth and health’ are always present underneath injuries, illnesses and the general snowstorm of day to day living!

Price: 60€ / 60min

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